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DREAMers Need Immediate Relief

Without question, the most vulnerable group in Trump’s America is immigrants. Because Trump terminated DACA, over 16,000 Dreamers are estimated to have already lost their protections, and nearly 1,000 more will lose DACA each week and become vulnerable to Trump’s deportation force.

To be indivisible means to treat an attack on one as an attack on all—that is why we are calling on Congress to pass a clean Dream Act.

There is bipartisan support for the Dream Act in both the Senate and House. The majority of Americans do not want to pour billions of their tax dollars to fund Trump’s mass deportation machine. Demand that Congress pass the Dream Act. Now.



Hold Dream killers accountable for shutting down the government in order to defend Trump's racist agenda. Support Dream Heroes who voted to defend Dreamers and to reject Trump's white supremacist agenda. 


Click your state. Demand action.